Project Description


Enhanching the buying experience through digital innovation


We perform pre-purchase surveys bringing a new dimension to your analysis. From safety to operability, and from condition to expert-eye, we help our clients estimate the truthful worth of the vessel and business.

Our team combines deep knowledge in the maritime industry with our AI online platform, bringing maritime and digital spaces together.

We allow our customers to accurately estimate the actual condition of the vessel in almost real-time, enabling you to identify the quality and worth of the target ship.


With fierce scrutiny during rounds, always assisted by our AI platform, the CaptainAR team asses status of all your vessel components, ranging from main-deck equipment, anchoring system, and mooring winch to coating breakdown conditions of all cargo, slop, and water ballast tanks.

Our team also checks maintenance of security equipment, including inert gas venting system & P/V valves, water seal, no-return valve, main isolated valve, and P/V breaker, among others. Our extensive report also focuses on cargo lines, clean oil washing lines, seawater lines, HFO, and DO lines.

«Our crew also verifies maneuver for SBM operations, detecting important issues in vessel condition which, if overlooked, would have a direct negative impact in our client critical buy decision..»

 By being guided and supervised on land with our team of engineers, CaptainAR’s crew onboard narrows the gap in mechanical inspection in the Engine Room, without overlooking crucial components like Main Engine, Aux Engines, Purifiers, Steering Gear, Boiler, Framo Power Packs, and pumps. 


Since the beginning, our Client can see the report online while getting incremental reviews done by our team, which provides exceptional tools and a better understanding of the ship’s condition.

Our Client receives a full quality report online, which harnesses the power of AI with detailed pictures, recommendations, and several heads up.

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