Project Description


Captain expertise for your fleet & crew


CaptainAR’s Port Captain assists Master and Chief Officer during all kinds of operations.

We combine years of maritime experience, analytics on decades-long data sets, and our Safety Operations and Environmental Scoring System.

«We provide deep knowledge in assemble of experts team with diverse capabilities that collaborate to excel customer expectations.»


Our Captains and Masters designs procedures based on our data sets combine with their knowledge and customer reality.

It translates into our AI platform streamlines a digital map of the procedure to follow, covering all risk assessment and operational hazards in a well-documented environment available in real-time.

«During tasks, our team record the procedure, respond to inquires, and detail procedures; collaborating close to the Inspecting Authority.»


CaptainAR’s Port Captain carry-out a wide variety of services, from vessel to crew management, while providing accurate reports to the company.

For Crew management and support

• Follow up with crew personnel in cooperation with the crew department to ensure that they meet Safety and Environmental Standards required by any specific party (MLC, Flag State, Class Society, Owners, Clients, OIM).

• Provide operational support to Deck Officers and monitor Deck officer’s competency in navigational requirements.

• Provide training for Master and Chief Mate in operational areas. Help undergo a practical and theoretical competency check.

• Assistance Chief Officer and Master in Tank Cleaning operations before loading critical cargo.

For the Maritime Company

• Guarantee that the company HSQE is carried out on board by all deck officers following the ISM and ISPS code.

• Ensure that any deficiencies that arise be immediately rectified and reported to the Company and Crew.

• Attend and coordinate with clients on the daily progress report of vessels in-field operation, timely arrival, provision, and spares operation.

• Participate in and issue written reports/statements of inspections, investigation, and similar activities when required.



For the Vessels

• Ensure all vessel trading certificates are up to date in compliance with Flag State and Port State Control.

• Responsible for ensuring that the vessel Time Sheet is accurate and timely submitting to CaptainAR SRL for processing.

• Perform all necessary activities to enhance the efficient and safe operation of the vessel.

• Onshore monitoring and tracking of customers’ vessels in ship survey status.

Our Maritime Services