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Cargo Holds Inspection

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Cargo Hold or Cargo Tanks inspection, prior to loading, is a service to verify if the vessels holds are ready to receive cargoes without contaminating it. We also complete holds inspections to prevent a cargo defect by ensuring that the ship’s hatch cover seals and securing arrangements are complete.


We verify if vessel holds are ready to receive your cargo. CaptainAR inspections guarantee that the cargo will not be affected by the condition of the holds or contaminated by residues already present in the holds.

«We ensure that vessel holds are ready to receive your valuable cargo by inspecting and verifying the load compartment prior to loading.»


As an independent company with no commercial involvement in the vessel’s operation, CaptainAR is committed to completing onboard assistance without biases which could otherwise influence their outcome.

CaptainAR ‘s Port Captain will assist during Cargo Holds cleaning operation, verifying procedures, execution and results.

Our approach is helping our clients move away from traditional and hardcoded procedures to online tasks while maintaining risk assessment and security standards.

«Accurate and reliable information is updated to our customers instantly. We strive to excel in servicing your fleet.»

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