Project Description


Enhancing the survey experience through digital innovation


We perform cargo inspections with fierce scrutiny, assuring our clients the exact amount of cargo inside holds. We help our clients estimate the truthful cargo amount on board, combining classical techniques like expert-eye displacement before and after operations; with AI information harnessed from the vessel thanks to our online platform.
Creating these new digital-maritime interactions provides remarkable precision tools, which estimate the value of cargo holds for both the buyer and the seller.

«Our surveyors will ensure a strict and meticulous calculation protecting our clients’ best interests. »


We combine expert-eye and deep maritime knowledge with the right blend of AI technology. Gain an accurate measurement of cargo on holds while eliminating false readings.
We bring certainty during measure, taking into account that the parties involved may doubt the resulting weight of the draft survey since they have been relying on scales for many years.


Since the beginning, our Client can see the report online while getting incremental reviews done by our team, which provides exact measures before and after cargo load.
All discrepancies with weight against the classical scales will show up, differences in weight registered, tanks balance and calibration, and the action course taken to solve it.

«Our Client receives a full quality report online with exact cargo on holds, which harnesses the power of AI with detailed pictures, videos, and several heads up.»

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