Project Description


Delivering legitimacy you can trust


Our Marine Engineers focuses on establishing an accurate and trustworthy online report of Condition Survey, helping our clients to improve the value of their fleet.

We enable our clients to move quickly and confidently from strategy to execution, nourishing your buy decision with accurate information.


CaptainAR’s user-friendly Online Platform empowers our clients’ businesses by taking care of the complete spectrum of detail needed on a Survey.

Our clients’ can check online all cargo holds, verify the structure, bulkhead and plating details, deficiencies of coamings, bent rungs of vertical ladders and Australian ladders, pipe protection, check draught, bulbous and plimsoll marks, hull and deck of the vessel, general state of the capstans, rope windlass, pedestal rollers, and cranes.

«A Conditional Survey is usually done in association with a Bunker Survey. You can request additional services directly from our online platform, add additional requirements or layers of detail, without further delay.»


We guarantee you that CaptainAR’s surveyors will provide you with highly detailed and documented independent proof of the actual condition of the vessel you are buying, chartering, or just using.

«We provide a new experience in Surveys with multidisciplinary teams specialized in maritime evolution and world-class operations designed to support any request done by our clients.»

After CaptainAR’s team finish the inspection, a Full report becomes available, providing highly detailed information with photos and recommendations according to the service provided.

These findings can substantiate claims that may arise if damage occurs to the vessel or cargo.

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